ALEXANDER ALLEN - Carry Um by #AlexanderAllenSTYLE


"Celebrity fashion and entertainment stylist, and costume designer, Alexander Allen has a real presence about him.  Kind, good natured and dapper in dress."

- Roberta Naas



"You are no longer to be called just a f******* stylist.

F*** that!

You are a F****** COUTURE CURATOR."

- Foxy Brown


“You made me look and feel so good!" 

- Jenn Lyon


"I always knew you were a star."

- Johnny Nunez


"I love Alexander.  He's a true creative force!"

- Bevy Smith


"Alexander is among the first stylists who combined the rare world of couture with street style and helped define a new genre of fashion.  #FashionFacts" 

- Robert Verdi


"You are and have always been incredible."

- Autumn Rowe


"You are a star and a legend bro!" 

- Lucky Church


"Didn't fully understand what Bruno Mars meant about dripping in finesse until I put on my first outfit from Alexander." 

- Teddy Spanos


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"Thank you for your spot on styling.  Perfecto!!!!!!!"

- Julian Nieves


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